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Symbols and Their Use in Jewelry

Symbols have been used throughout time to convey ideas and beliefs through the expression of words, sounds, gestures, ideas, and visual images. At Noush, one of our main goals while intricately designing each piece has been to convey symbols and their beauty through jewelry. This includes the symbolism behind pieces like the Hamsa, Evil Eye, and religion-based symbols such as Allah. For thousands of years, symbols and their use in jewelry has been a popular way to express one’s self and personal beliefs. Although trends are consistently evolving, symbolism within jewelry will always be a way to capture the essence of who someone is. Listed below are a few pieces in Noush’s collections which hold powerful symbols that can be elegantly and powerfully worn.


The Hamsa hand is an ancient Middle Eastern symbol which portrays the Hand of God. In many faiths, it is a protective sign that brings the owner happiness, health, luck, and other good fortune. The wearer of this symbol can wear it facing up or down, and it is believed to give the owner harmony and protection.  At Noush, we have a collection of Hamsa jewelry, including necklaces, gemstone rings, gemstone necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. See a few of our favorite Hamsa pieces below!

Hamsa Rings   Hamsa JewelryHamsa Ring

Evil Eye

Evil Eye is a talisman created to protect against evil and bad luck. Amulets depicting the evil eye originated in Greece and were created to reflect or avert evil influences. You can find our gorgeous Evil Eye gemstone necklaces and rings in our Co-Exist Collection, which is intended to create acceptance and respect between beliefs and religions as the central theme of the collection. All symbols in Noush’s Co-Exist Collection are designed equally in shape, size, and materials; which represents that humans are all equal at their core, the differences are only in the colors and the details which make each piece beautiful and unique. Click on any of the photos below to browse bracelets, earrings, and necklaces portraying the Evil Eye symbol!

Evil Eye NecklaceEvil Eye Necklace - Symbols and Their Use in Jewelry


Allah is the symbol of divinity and God in Islam. This symbol can be found amongst our Co-Exist Collection, or incorporated in the Hidden Treasure Collection, see our Hidden Treasure Allah necklace. The Hidden Treasure design portrays a diamond Allah symbol which shines through a colored gemstone that is full of depth and details. The color of the gold combined with the gemstone creates the most unique color combination that changes as you move. The back is just as beautiful and includes an intricate and detailed Noush flower motif. Along with the Hidden Treasure Allah design, Noush carries many more Allah selections. See below!

Allah RingAllah Ring


Jewelry is a personal item of one’s self-expression, and there’s no better way to express yourself in jewelry by making a statement through the symbols you believe in. Symbols hold thousands of years of history and strong beliefs, which is why our team has built a brand based on their beauty. For more information on what statement piece is right for you, and guidance looking through our many collections, get in touch with our team here!



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