Story of Nowruz- HaftSeen Eternity Lapel Pin


This unisex Lapel Pin symbolizes all one may need in a lifetime. Inspired by the Nowruz, the eternity necklace representing Haft7Seen will bring you a happy life, health, love,  beauty, patience, self-reflection, and hope all throughout the year. (Read Below)


This beautiful Eternity Lapel Pin takes inspiration from Nowruz and Haft7Seen. This Pin is for men or women and is meant to be worn all year round to bring the same energy and luck as one feels during this special occasion.

Nowruz marks the calendar as Persian New year. Persians alongside many other cultures celebrate the moment earth finishes it’s annual rotation around the sun and therefore the moment spring starts. Nowruz symbolizes re-birth, rejuvenation and a new beginning. To celebrate this occasion, Persians around the world will set up a table with various things called Haft7Seen. every item found on this table has a symbolism:

  1. Fish: a fulfilled life
  2. Grass(greens): re-birth
  3. Apple: health
  4. Oleaster: love
  5. Sumac: sunRise
  6. Hyacinths: beauty
  7. Garlic: health
  8. Vinegar: patience
  9. Coin: Wealth
  10. Mirror: self-reflection
  11. book of faith: hope

The Haft7seen Eternity lapel pin arranges the symbols in a circle so beautifully using solid sterling silver or gold so that you can always have a piece of Haft7seen with you during all walks of your life.

All proceeds from the sale of this coin will go to Nica foundation.

  • Composition: Sterling Silver, 14 or 18K Yellow, Rose or White Gold
  • Charm size: 22mm
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Shipped within 10 Business days

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Sterling Silver, 14k Rose Gold, 14k White Gold, 14k Yellow Gold, 18k Rose Gold, 18K White Gold, 18K Yellow Gold