Petit Multi-Stone Rose Cut Ring



Introducing our Petit Multi-Stone Rose Cut Ring—a delicate yet enchanting piece that effortlessly captures the essence of beauty in its purest form. This exquisite ring features a pear-shaped rose-cut center stone adorned with six dainty side stones, all elegantly set on a solid band that exudes timeless sophistication.

At the heart of this ring is a captivating pear-shaped rose-cut Diamond, meticulously cut to showcase its natural elegance and facets that dance with light. The rose-cut facets create a play of brilliance and subtle shimmer, resulting in a timeless and romantic allure that sets this piece apart.

Surrounding the centerpiece are six delicate side stones, adding a touch of symmetry and balance to the design. These stones enhance the overall radiance of the ring, complementing the pear-shaped center stone while maintaining a harmonious aesthetic.

The band of the ring is solid and refined, providing a sturdy and classic foundation for the gemstones. The simplicity of the band allows the gemstones to shine brightly, putting their beauty on full display.

Whether it’s worn as an everyday accessory or a special piece for an occasion, the Petit Multi-Stone Rose Cut Ring is a versatile and elegant addition to any jewelry collection. It’s understated charm and unique design make it a perfect representation of individual style and timeless taste.

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14k Yellow Gold

Ring Size

5, 6, 7