Persian – Arabic Name Necklace


This stunning necklace features Persian or Arabic name pendant in 18k gold at the center of 18 inch chain with adjustable length.


If you want a delicate and beautiful Persian name necklace or Arabic name necklace, look no further. This beautifully written necklace will sure to turn some heads. When you order your name we will send you mock up of your name design with few different options for your approval before production. This necklace is 18 inches with extra rings to adjust the length so that you can layer up your loved ones’ names for an extra dramatic effect.

  • This necklace features a delicate Persian-Arabic pendant in white or yellow gold in handwritten font
  • Rendered in 18K Yellow Gold
  • Composition: 14 or 18K Yellow or White Gold
  • Clasp closure
  • Made in United States of America
  • Orders ship within 3 weeks

This item measures 18″ long, can be worn on 16 and 17 inches, with a 0.39″ high charm.

Since 2007, **Names by Noush** has been the designer’s, Anousha Razavi, statement of her love for middle east and jewelry design and this collection, featuring letters and initials, offers the perfect personalized accessory.



The Farsi- Arabic Name necklace holds a cultural value in two forms. It is both a historically popular piece of jewelry and represents the historically valuable culture of naming and identity. This necklace is fashioned from 14 – 18k gold

We make it an even more interesting piece of jewelry by giving our customers the opportunity to personalize their own necklace by inscribing their name on it. The good aspect to this is that when customers place orders for name bracelets like this one, we ensure to send them computer-generated samples of the design before commencing production in order for them to inspect and approve that the design is properly done.

The Persian-Arabic-Farsi Name necklace features a delicate name in Arabic in 18k white or yellow solid gold in handwritten font with genuine stone beads in Turquoise/Lapis/Onyx. The Arabic Name necklace is one of the best name nacklace you will find in the market of necklace and makes for a very thoughtful gift for someone you hold in high esteem. It is elegant, durable and guaranteed to pair nicely with a wide variety of fashionable clothing choices. If you are looking for something classy to give someone you highly respect, or love and want to appreciate, then this necklace is definitely in the top running for items that will blow the person’s mind away.

The quality of this piece of jewelry makes it an exciting addition to your fashion accessories box. It has great quality aesthetically and is also of fashionable quality.


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14k Rose Gold, 14k White Gold, 14k Yellow Gold, 18k Rose Gold, 18K White Gold, 18K Yellow Gold