Daric Convertible toggle Power


The most interesting piece of jewelry that can be worn as a long medallion  necklace, a Y necklace or a 3 wrap Bracelet with a toggle closure.


Golden Daric, which represented the monetary standard of the ancient Persian Empire.   The Coin is full of details and symbolism that makes every piece truly unique.

On the front side of the coin, a lion head with emerald eyes sit in the center which represent strength and power to overcome any obstacle in life.  The Lion is surrounded by an olive branch (a symbol of peace), and an oak branch (a symbol of strength and independence). Outside of the branches, a circle of life in filigree surrounds the coin, which symbolizes the universe being sacred and divine.

The back of each pendant can be personalized. In the center sits a genuine precious stone with a choice of a ruby, emerald, blue sapphire or diamond. there are two sets of writing in the back, Text 1 can be customized in Roman font, text 2 can be personalized in Cuneiform (Mikhi) , Perso-Arabic, Roman font.

  • The Piece can be worn 3 ways, Medallion necklace, Toggle necklace and 3 wrap bracelet
  • Please make sure to measure your wrist by wrapping a string around it 3 times.
  • Rendered in 14K Yellow Gold
  • Composition: 14K Yellow or Rose Gold
  • Made in United States of America
  • Shipped within 10 business days of order
  • Medallion is 25mm
  • Available length: Small; (21inches), Medium; (22inches);  Large (23 inches), xl; (24inches)
  • The necklace can be worn as a 3 way necklace, please make sure to measure your wrist by wrapping a string around it 3 times.
  • Stones in the front: Genuine Ruby
  • Gemstone in the back: choice of Diamond, Ruby, Emerald or Blue Sapphire

Additional information


14k Rose Gold, 14k Yellow Gold


Diamond, Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Emerald

Chain length

S (21Inches), M (22 Inches), L (23 Inches, XL(24inches)