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Noush Jewelry

Noush Jewelry

Evil Eye Jewelry

Evil Eye in Different Cultures

Representing the eye of God watching over you, Evil eyes are a predominant talisman, especially in the eastern cultures. In Greek culture, The eye, “mati” (μάτι), is a curse given by jealous and malicious eye of others which can bring back luck to one’s life. Today the eye can be seen in many parts of our modern life including on the United States one-dollar bill. With the power to keep the jealous eye away, no wonder this symbol is used in the jewelry design for many generations. Traditionally The evil eye in a large circle in dark blue with a white, light blue and black central circles. However today the eye can be seen in many different forms and shapes but always looking like an eye.

Custom Evil Eye Jewelry

Noush Jewelry offers a variety of designs when it comes to evil eyes. From a simple eye in gold and diamond to our most abstract pieces, here are some evil eyes for you to choose from.

Our most delicate evil eye necklace and ring are made of 14 or 18 k gold with a central emerald. Designed with the highest attention to detail and proportions, these pieces are perfect for an understated fashionista.

14k Evil Eye Necklace and Rings

Our most delicate evil eye necklace and ring are made of 14 or 18 k gold with a central emerald. Designed with the highest attention to detail and proportions, these pieces are perfect for an understated fashionista.


evil eye jewelry








We also offer these beautiful pieces in full diamond pave

Co-Exist Evil Eye Necklace and Ring

evil eye jewelry

Our most popular Evil Eye jewelry that is full of color and depth is part of our Co-exist collection. The beautiful and intricate design of the Evil Eye necklace that sits on a colorful genuine stone makes it a unique catch jewelry. The beautiful and resplendent evil eye symbol on genuine stone of choice – you can choose from Turquoise, Onyx, Mother of Pearl, Pink Opal, Labradorite, Malachite or Lapis – is a talisman created to ward off evil and bad luck. You can design this piece exactly to the look you love, choose between pave or solid, with a diamond border or without and with a variety of chains and color combinations offered.




Evil Eye Daric Collection

Inspired by the old Persian coins, as one of the first monetary systems in the world, Daric collection is full of details and symbolism. Designed in collaboration with the beautiful Shiva Safai On the front side of the coin, you see an evil eye with Diamonds and Blue Sapphire (a popular amulet to keep the evil eye away) surrounded by an olive branch (a symbol of peace), and an oak branch (a symbol of strength and independence). Outside of the branches, a circle of life in filigree surrounds the coin, which symbolizes the universe being sacred and divine.


Evil Eye Hidden Treasures

One of the most unique pieces of jewelry in the market, the Hidden treasure evil eyes are full of depth, color, and reflection. A color full genuine semi-precious stone of your choices such as blue topaz, amethyst, pink quartz, lemon quartz, citrine or white topaz beautifully cut with faceted edges is set on top of pave of diamonds on a bed of 14 or 18k gold. You can customize this piece exactly the way you like, with a choice of pave, gold colors, chain options, and gemstone colors. This piece reflects and catches the light as you move and shortly becomes the center of every jewelry conversation.


evil eye jewelry


This is definitely the most thoughtful gift you could give yourself if you are interested in the theory of things and are interested in owning fashionable paraphernalia to represent it. The Evil Eye designs are created with strict attention to details and they are made from durable materials and guaranteed to last for a long time. If you are looking for a gift for someone close to you who appreciates the subject of humanity, then this is a gift to give them. Also, this wonderful piece can be used to communicate your love and concern for anyone and can stand as a representation of your wish that no harm comes upon them.

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